Outfits from past days.

So here you guys have a random outfit post.
And I also have two new pieces of clothing to show you guys! So that will be done later in this week I hope :D

 Why two different outfits? Found out the first one was WAY too hot so I changed into shorts instead.

Before going to watch Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollows pt 2 with the lovely twins. Did a green eye shadow to show some support for the house I think I would be in if I was a Hogwarts student. (Eventhough I am prob' more of a Rawenclaw atm but what ever)
I tried a high/low ponytail style as I saw once in an Egg issue I have. I have become quite fond of this style :D
 Random outfit much. Tried to use my natural curls for something XD And flashing my hipster glasses (I cannot really fit them with my big head so I do not wear them)

And just a LITTE cosplay thing even though I will probably loose two followers on this XD
I was at Genki in the cosplay show wearing this:
And me and Kami won audience favorite! And here is our skit if you want to see it XD

So that is it for now.

~ Mie

4 kommentarer:

  1. Dit cosplay var så kickass cool altså >:C
    Søde outfits og jeg håber dine followers bliver der xD

  2. I love all the outfits! Super cute!

    And the high ponytail looks sooo awesome on you :D

  3. Yaay pretty gaaaal~!! ♥ You should post moooore!! People will love it!! Well..I know I do XD

  4. Den hårdims ser bekendt ud - købte du ikke halvtreds af dem i Tokyo sidste år?
    You be looking so adorbz. <3