Just a photo dump of what I have been up to in Italy, nothing big or detailed though.
Next week there will be an update with outfits.
And sorry for the ever changing photo editing style, I am trying out different stuff and having fun with it.

View from our apartment

 went to Amalfi with my family (mom, step dad and two younger sisters) and we just chilled and saw some new places along the cost. We also went to Capri one of the days! I did not really buy anything, I preferred saving the money because atm I do not really -need- anything.  

My pretty oldest little sister
Free food in the lounge    
 Got the skirt from my Grandmother

The lemon on the right, is a NORMAL sized one.
Moon bridge on the last night.
 I tried to write a longer entry but Blogger keeps on acting up, so you have to mange with a photo dump.

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  1. Holy mother of fuck that's a big lemon!

  2. ITALYYYYYY! Looks soooo nice ü The last picture is soooo pretty!