It's like playing from the point of view of a kitten in a tumble dryer.

So... This update is very much overdue! D:
Sorry for taking so long, but having vecation = no dress up and that is almost all I blog about D:

But on with it!

First things first! I have a girlfriend now! and a very lovely one too. We have officially been together for a little over a month now.

First time doing this heart thing ever....

We also went to Oslo together with her roomies to attend DesuCon, and the con report can be read at my Deviant Art 8D

Since I last was bothered to update, I also went to visit my dad who had been in Japan.
My stepmother got me some t-shirts from Uniqlo and small other things that I simply could not be asked to edit - because I forgot all about it, closed Photoshop and do not feel like waiting forever for the program to start again.

And she also got me this top from Hysteric Glamour:

And I tend to use it like this, with black jeans and some random long necklace. During the warmer days though, it cute with shorts too.

Last Saturday I went to Jutland to celebrate my Grandparents golden wedding anniversary! My grandmother requested galla dress up so I went to H&M and got a new dress for the occasion (on sale mind you, I am so cheap you would not dream of it).

I went for a very Hime inspired look, and also tried a new eye make up style with a lighter top lid and more depth on the bottom. I am still playing around a lot to find what I think suits me the most though ^^;

As you can see I try to spend a little more time on editing my pictures to make it a little more visually fun for you guys. Long from pro, but I actually find it funny 8D

Oh, and I got a Tumblr too, I will probably spam pictures a lot over there.

This Saturday I will be going to Amalfi. Maybe I will for once take pictures (3rd time we go there) to upload here? To show I actually virtue out of my room 8D

This is it for now I think, at least I have no pictures left in my folder to upload XD

Take care~

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