Hysteric dinner.

Trying my best to keep this blog active!
Last Monday I went to my grandparents place to eat with my father and stepmother! And get my Christmas present.

They made this Nabe dish! They put crab, shellfish, leek, cabbage, chicken meatballs and mushrooms in it, and they got me some extra raw tuna as a side dish~ It was SO GOOD, my father should come by and cook more often plz.

And then on to the present!

 I got really happy seeing the bag was from Hysteric Glamour! I have lately taken a huge liking to this brand thanks to my stepmother.

I was really surprised with the contents of the bag. They got me lashes and glue!! I am so happy because I REALLY needed some more glue and also some new lashes. I will be putting up a review of the lashes I think... At least of the Diamond Lash ones pretty soon. 
They brought me this awesome sweatshirt dress thingy! I was stunned when I saw it, it was just what I have been wanting! Something not too warm nor cold with an edge to it.

So next day I wore it ofc. I really like the back detail too. And I am wearing the Eyemazing lashes, even though they are quite hard to use IMO :C

And today, I spend most of the time baking, pics of that to come soon~!

Enjoy these last days of the winter month!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Waah everything looks so good!! XD And the hoodie-dress looks really cool ô.ô
    Keep updating yay!

  2. Please do the review of both set of lashes *w*


  3. Ohh, the food looks super yummy!
    And this sweater is also nice. :)

  4. That's a sexy-ass sweater ok.
    Look at you being all active on le blog now >: D