Are you all right?

So much happned since last I blogged, and I felt like I needed to take a break to take it all in. 

Two weeks before I had to leave for Denmark, Rosa, Cheris, Marie and I went to Harajuku to do some shopping! The two girls needed new shoes and dresses for clubbing the day after! Rosa found some shoes... Dresses? not so much haha.

And I managed to film a tutorial with my Harajuku day out make up!

More selca haha.

Of cause we had to have a crepé in Harajuku! They are just so amazing!! nom nom nom //getting hungry all over now haha

The day after we went to a goodbye dinner for John at a themed Izakaya in Kokubunji and then out clubbing at Jokers in Roppongi!

I wanted to try something more colourful with my make up, think it turned out ok. But I am still not that good with colours :X

And got to wear my new tight black dress, I love it so much!

 Akasaka station, from when I went to eat Kobe beef with my friend Junko. It reminded me of Gantz... oh yea!

The same day I got out to get some gifts for my family. Of cause I got things for my little sister in a Sanrio Gift Gate!

My final haul from Donki! Oh yea!

And then came the leaving day :C


My last round of gyoza :C they were SO GOOD!

Plane dinner.

And light snack.

 Arriving home, finishing my Japan adventure!
I just made a vlog with some more in depth stuff about the travel and all, so check it out here!

Getting home means I finally got to a country where I could dye my hair a proper RED! So I hurried out and got myself some dye, and Kami helped my dye it all!

Before the dye job.

Me being a charmer during.

 And after result from last Friday! It is such a nice deep red, I love it so much! Def. getting this again if it is still on sale... haha cheep ass desu
- also wearing the long t-shirt I got in my Ghost of Harlem Lucky Bag {2013}. Hopefully I will do a detailed shoot down of the items I got in it, just to show off all the pretty!

 And ending with a shot of my valentines nails. What can I say, even romantic stuff needs an edge in my world!

Take care~~!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Synes din stil er så fed! Hvor køber du tøj her i Danmark? Eller køber du mest over nettet eller?
    Og dit nye røde hår er super fedt til dig :)


    1. Mange tak! For det meste hvis jeg køber tøj i Danmark er det på tilbud i New Yorker, H&M eller Gina Tricot. Man er jo fattig studerende haha. Men ellers køber jeg mest en helt masse når jeg er i Japan. Nogle gange kan man også finde noget godt i genbrug der kan tilføjes lidt på og så bliver det en mega fed skjorte :D
      Og mange tak, jeg er SÅ glad for det!


  2. omg crepes and beauty haul and your face and omgerrrrrd that batman pin!!! GIMME D:

  3. The red hair suits you so god damn well Mie! <3