I'm a bad person (read: lazy)

No pictures today, sorry D: but I need to iron the whole Zidane costume (or as far at I have gotten) and today was just such a lazy day D:

Not done much: read a little for school, gonna work more on that. Broken my TV.... You know the things you do on a Saturday XD

I like to plan ahead and just...
Should I try..?

And NO! I will be doing this version, the one from Hush, not the classic or the film one.
1. I got refs for it
2. It is just bad ass and more pratical
3. If I do not do Catwoman I want to try Harly or Ivy... I want to try working with bodysuits XD

For maybe J-popcon? And a potential premier of the next Batman film in 2011?... I do not know D: Batman and his universe just... to cosplay on of them would be like a dream come true *w*
I also want to do a big dress (some Miku Hatsune thingy, there is a lot of things to choose from there so it is by far the easiest XD) and I also want to do Madame Red. No I have never SEEN OR READ Black Butler, but I am in love with her design. And it would be nice to have a cosplay I will not get cold in for J-popcon..

But I'm still thinking about if I should try her or not XD

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