Cosplay update 8D

Okay time for an update 8D
First off some outfits:

For Hanami 10' where I wore my pink yukata I got from my father some years back <3
I did the ribbon thingy as some ekstra deco for my obi ^W^
Close up 8D

Outfit some days ago.
Black I know, but black is sexeh~~
Dress: UniQlo
Cardigan: Cecil McBee
Shoes: Daichmann
Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Okay that was fun and dandy.
Now cosplay time!!
My Miku cosplay <3
It's turning out pretty good I think ^^
I made it out of some cotton spandex thingy so it's kinda strechy. I might work some more on the shirt.

And now my next project:
Zidane Tribaaaaaal <3
I'm using the same fabric as I did for Miku because I'm gonna dye it later in the right colours ^^

Yay pattern 8D This was around 5 o'clock I think....

And this is 11 o'clock XD Sorry my room is so messy, but that's how it looks when I'm sowing cosplay... XD
I started off making the pants too small so I had to add some stuff to the sides. That resulted in a really good shape for Zidane 8D
I'm also working on getting some tall platform boots so I can be taller than my Dagger Zarsu 8D
Maybe I'll make his small swords too with help from my grandfather so we can spend some time together too <3

Okay that's to from me <3

Now I'm just wating for my wiiiigs 8D
And lenses that I orderd together with TheXness

1 kommentar:

  1. You look beautiful in that yukata! I love what you did with your hair!
    And the other outfit is hot as well ;D

    Waah, I love that you make your cosplays in great time for the con, please teach me that XD
    The Miku outfit already looks great!

    I SEE A ZIDANE ;A; Can't wait to cosplay with you!!~