Wig updates 8D

Okay now Liv poked me some days ago about a blog update, so here goes 8D
Gonna be a mix of wig updates and some everyday life XD

First off my Zidane wig:

I am not sure what I think of the styling... It looks okay on (and less yellow IRL but I'm standing RIGHT under my lamp XD) but I think it is a little too short D: but then side view of it looks really good (refer to my facebook profile for more pictures of it)
So right now I just need to trim his manly ponytail and see if I will be satisfied with it XD
Friday I got some dye for the pants and vest. I am going to blend my own shade of blue, I am really nervous D: There is going to be a LOT of test dying XD think my mother is going to kill me XD better do it outside so I do not occupie the WHOLE kitchen XD one thing I look forward to when moving to my own place: a place where I have a sink for my self to mess up with my cosplay stuff XD
Oh who could that be? XD Trimmed a little after some ref pic's. Most of them has her middle part bang end at her eyes so I went for that style. I am still unhappy about the size of the wig, and I think it is quite obvious that the wig is too small for me, my forehead looks massive IMO D:
So I decided to look for a Miku wig when I go to Tokyo this summer. I am going to Akiba and also a Maple shop to look for it. The only wigs I got that I can fit are from Japan XD drep drep monster head D:
But I really really like the colour of this one! Irl it looks greenish and in pictures it turns this colour! Maybe I should just live with a high looking forhead? Like most other Miku cosplayers out there XD And then colour my hair line a little or do something fancy with my wig cap so the transition gets a little smoother.

Okay: every day life:
School is pretty chill now with only one WEEK LEFT! Friday will be my last day with lessons, then it is just time for exams! (Meaning more time to work on copslay too xD)
My mother owes me 700 DKR, can't wait to get them xD they are going right into my Japan savings where I already got around.... 10.000? I hope to reach an amount so I will have 11.000 for shopping (gonna buy AP and Jesus Diamante XD)

Okay! This Saturday I went to Malmö to see Aybike! So much fun >w<
We ended up sitting for hours on end at a MacD just talking xD
I am never bored together with her ^^
I forgot to take pictures when we chilled around but I did get some while waiting for her at the station. She had some problems with her horse, that turend out to be a stone in its shoe, so the horse is okay now ^^ I am not really a big horse person, they are pretty n'all to look at but I am scared of touching them D: But that's the same with very large dogs or cats I do not know XD But I love most animals so I am glad it is okay :D

Chilling at the station: pretty butterflies 8DDD It made me really happy xD
Haha funny Swedish stick men xD I want to start a collection xD I love their arms XD

Okay that is it from meeeh 8D
Loooong post XD

Bai Bai~~

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  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE IT *explodes* Especially from the side view *W*

    I hope you'll find a Miku wig that you like more!
    And you'll have NO problem selling this one - Miku is extremely popular in Denmark :D

    Damn you, I want vacation naaaaaaaow ;A; But mine starts at the ending of June.
    Oh my gosh, you're so rich *Q* I can't wait to see all the beautiful things you'll buy in Japanland!