¨So FINNALLY I got a hold of some of the arrival pictures from my prom 8D
This is my favorite one of me and my ''date'' x3 The other one I looked really creepy D:
And I btw did my friends' hair 8D Both the girl in this picture and two others not in this pic :3 Loads of fun! I got to do their make up too XD

And I supply with a one I took myself because it shows off my poof better XD But it is darker D: Oh well can win every time XD

The make up was the one I spent most time on doing, think it took me over an hour XD
I took off the lashes VERY fast after this picture because they really brothered me D:

I aimed for a hostess ish style with the big Ageha inspi hair and a more masculine approach of a prom dress with a vest instead of something fancy big dress. All in all this look cost me under 400 kr XD And the dress was my mothers that she gave to me. She got it from one of her old friends XD So I think my shoes are the most expensive thing I paid for, for this look. They cost me 240 kr XD The small pearls I got on (semi visible in the close up) my grandmother gave to me just a couple of days before. I am really glad she gave them to me, they are REALLY pretty >w<


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  1. You look SOOO elegant *__* I love your hair!! Makes me want to get long hair again~ I also love your makeup! *Q* Especially what you did with your lips! Looks amazing on you!
    Your friend is cute as well :D

  2. Thank you Zarsu~~
    Haha I luw me some long hair 8D I got enough to make the big Ageha up do's <3
    My lips? Foundation + powder + lipgloss and you're home free 8D
    Thanks ^^ The first time she wore a dress to school or even a skirt XD