Cosplay yet again 8D

So yeah yesterday I got a lot of mail 8D
Some of it surprisingly fast! My Miku wig got orderd from China the 5th of may and arrived the 10th ^^

So yeah tried my Miku wig on, but I have a f***ing HUGE HEAD! So I had to sow it larger, juuust a tad, and then I realised the wig was supposed to stop retardingly before my real hair line, and then the long bangs would cover it.
It it a little thin, but I do not mind that much ^^
The colour is REALLY cool 8D In this picture it looks really blue right? Irl it looks more green 8D I looove the colour changing aspect ^^

But that was not the only thing I got 8D

Yay platform boots for Zidane so I can be taller 8D It is a tiny bit too big, but nothing that will not be helped by a little sole ^^
I think I am going to mod it shorter and then do a boot cover for it ^^
I am really tall with them on 8D

My unstyled uncut Zidane wig ^^ Bangs are fucked, then I tried to straighten them, left side vent great but it just got a liiiiittle hot on the right side, nothing that I could not fix though ^^ Then I decided to style it, though it did not turn out as I wanted it too D:
So I am going to wash it and redo the styling ^^ I did not cut it too short, for it to be restyled luckily ^^ Also I was prepared for having to restyle it and I have a long weekend to do it in ^^

Crappy picture of the first round of styling. It looks pretty good here but on it looks really bad xD
So I am going to do a more 'relaxed' style of it instead of trying to make it look like the game version ^^
I also need to groom the tips a little more I think ^^
And yeah the pink marks was a guide for me where my eyes are and the start of my nose because if I style the wig according to the head it would bee too short for me x3;;

I will update later with more wig progress 8D Maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow ^^

Then just on a side note, my left ankle is STILL hurting after I ran Thursday last week D: so not I am wearing a support thingy...
I also had prom Friday, reeeally fun >w< Later today I am gonna post some pictures of my dress when the photos get released ^^ But the party was not that fun after we ate and danced lancier, because people just got high or sat at the teachers office. I wished I had gone to SVS instead and spent time with Zarsu, Sabine and Aybike D:

Well better get back to paying attention in history XD


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    I don't hope your feet will die in those killer shoes ;_; Sorry I'm taller than yooou~
    I LOVE THE COLOUR OF YOUR ZIDANE WIG >w< Can't wait to see the finished product!