Today I had my LAST day of lessons EVER IN HIGH SCHOOL...
damn it is strange XD
Now I only have exames left.

Written Danish, English and French.
Oral Japanese, Danish, Media Class and AT
It is a okay line up I would say ^^
I just need to NOT fuck up in written French! It is my WORST subject D:

derp derp... I am gonna be okay I think~~

Yesterday we had a 'party' at my school celerbrating our last day of teaching (which was today but almost none came to the lessons xD) and it was quite fun, I wore my kigu <3

I would have made an awesome scene kid xD
Well it was fun dressing up ^w^
Of cause people thew stuff around. I got around 5 caramels right in the kisser and some shaving creme in my hair.
I also got a rose from the principal for being the 4th best student in regard of attendance to classes. Many people consider it a 'geek award' but I am quite happy I got it because I was never really that good in school and I was sick a lot so I proved to my self that I could have a really good attencande precent ^^ That is what counts ^w^

Yeah you can call me foamy, this is actually after I got home and some of the foam had dissapeard. I got a hell of a lot on my arms whicth I whiped off XD I also got a really big portion right in tha face but I wiped it off so I could ride my bike home XD Rose~~

(yeah you thought I was done yet? welcome to the notorious long blogger person blog)

After I ate dinner at home I went to my classmate Emil's place to party a little. I went as something semi boho ish clothes wise. Make up was just some mascara because I felt lazy and my hair was just straight... XD

Yay with a little glow and everything XD (I was late for the party so I just could not be asked to redo the picture XD)
The party was pretty fun, we played 'broom'
Point of game: get dizzy
not so good part: we played it on a hill
Consequence: I fell 4 times D:

Around a quarter to ten me and my class mate Amanda went home because all the others were going to a club and she was sick and I just did not feel like partying (and spending money I could have spent on a Angelic Pretty dress XD) so I had a nice and quiet last day of school both yesterday and today.

Today: lied in the sun for a while, then played sims 2 XD

Tomorrow: cosplay stuff (I GOT MY MIKU WIG TO FIT MY HEAD! I do not know how but it does now!), more tanning (an hour a day), running (gotta get into shape), maybe some cleaning (to make money), planning study time and sleeping 8D

- Mie

2 kommentarer:

  1. Uhh hell yeah it's so lovely that school is finaly over! ;w;
    OMG and congrats with the prize! OWO 4th mest in the school... that's amazing!! ;w; Be proude! ;w;
    Good luck with the exams! OwO/

  2. I hope you'll get through your exams :D
    I wanna have vacation too!!!

    Ahahah, foam! Hate. It always ruins the hair. But it's so much fun to give other people foam 8D