Random gyaru outfit dump + some more EGO

Yeah to keep my self into this blog, I'll try to post everyday! I have already found some subjects that I can write about like "Who is your favorite gyaru model and why?", A how to make tsukune (maybe I'll do this one if they turn out good XD It's a kind of Japanese chicken meatball thing), blogging about my two major fashion loves: Gyaru and Lolita, and a cosplay update XD

But today I decided to randomly dump some of my gyaru inspi outfits ^w^

Summer 09 I think? XD First 'real' outfit shot I did for J-fashion.dk, the one pic that didn't make it XD
Cardigan: One Spo
Top: H&M
Skirt: Snob'
Shoes: From a store in Camden
Jewellery: home made.
Fall 09: Rundown:
Shirt: New Yorker
Cardigan: Cecil McBee
Shorts: Viela I think... I can't remember XD
Shoes: Disel
Heart: Claries
Winter 09, outfit for a cinema trip with my family <3
Top: H&M
Everything else + leg warmers and hat: One Spo
Spring 10: Outfit for watching Brotherhood the first time (where the film fucked in the middle so I'm going again friday)
Jacket: Mossy (Didn't know that brand until my father sent me that jacket for Christmas XD)
Top + Skirt + Cardigan: Cecil McBee
Shoes: Defender
Necklace: Claries
Today's outfit!
It was warm enough to pose outside 8D
Sorry for the socks, but I couldn't find any plain black ones D:
Hat: Cecil McBee
Wig: Lapin D'Or
Shirt: New Yorker
Skirt: One Spa
Shoes: Shop in Camden
Necklace: Claries (once again XD)

So yea, today's post <3
Take care 8D

4 kommentarer:

  1. It's fun to see "old" photos :D
    You have such a great style sense and look so pretty~

  2. agree with Zarsu on the last part :3!

  3. Zarsu - I've been thinking about doing a progression entry XD Like all the way back to 06 or something XD
    But thank you so much ^^ I don't really have the guts to post in the daily outfit thread, cuz I like me them gyaru-don'ts sometimes XD At least what the western gals see as don'ts D8

    Kura: thank yoou ^w^

  4. ;w; omg you look so cute. and I love the outfits you're showing! Lovely sense of style... ;w;b