Confirmation 8D

So today I was at my cousin Kathrines confirmation 8D
The church thing was long... Like 1½ hour long! It was too much! The children in church got very restless and the speech in the church was too long and boring.
But after church, we went to this school where her mother works and had the dinner thingy.
We got a lot of good stuff!
But there was this one O L D women, who got a little tipsy. Then she started to verbally assault two poor young boys/men (21 and 15) and telling them how ALL THE YOUTH ONLY SAW TO THE TIP OF THEIR NOSE and shit like that. I got so angry I started to say she was wrong, and that some of us do care and it is wrong to generalise like that. But she would not admit she was wrong and started to get all generalising on everything else. I got really sick of her but luckily she left quickly after the verbal abuse XD
Exts: Maikan.dk
Dress: H&M
Necklace: Teddy Bear co or something like that
Bracelet: (not visible) Tiffany & Co.
Boots: Camden XD

Make close up <3>Me and my cousin Mette (left) and my step sister Mette (right)
Me and my youngest cousin Ida 8D She is like... 4-5 years old XD
Very cute little girl 8D

But Kathrine had a good day so that's all that matters <3
And I'm in a big retard smile phase right now... sorry xD

3 kommentarer:

  1. Good girl! Give that lady something to chew on.. XD
    Aaaaaw hvorfor er du så floot? O__O nice outfit og jeg ELSKER din make-up!

  2. DU er så gorgeous! <3
    og grrr, gamle mennesker! Jeg elsker gamle mennesker når de er søde, men de der trælse gamle F*****RS, de kan gøre en syg af raseri... :S

  3. Love your outfit and makeup!
    And your cousin Ida is way too cute X3