Fly away.

I have yet to do a new layout but... I just cannot get a single good idea about how I want it.
It will come some day though!

Onto what I have been doing in my break here in January.
I went fabric shopping with Kami and I have now started to make Anarchy Panty - Angel version -
It is quite tricky because my dress form is about 2~3 cm too big for me so I have to fit the cosplay on me all the time. Toning up and loosing centimetres, not appreciated by dress form.

On with it. I will just post pictures with small comments.

Tutu of doom. 2 meters... fff

After some days. The top is a pure bitch to do. I did double stitches on the edges just for a more polished finish.

Side view. Originaly it was just the small band at the bottom, but I added the extra fabric so I can wear a bra underneath.
I also got a bra lock for the top. It looks really good 8D

Finally done the gold halter thingy. Took me a good couple of hours to figure that one out.
And the heart is made of fimo clay. I am not sure about the colour though? Is it too pink?
And I will get gloss for it too, when I am done with the sanding ^^

And front view of my progress so far. Next up will be more hearts for the skirt I think. Or starting to make the gold bangles and gold things for the shoes.

I hope to get wig, shoes and lace for the petticoat next month.


8 kommentarer:

  1. nice, fedt at du kan sy så godt!

  2. Fufufu I luuuv <3 *savle*

  3. Nice skills you got :o
    cant wait to see it finished ^^

  4. OMME!!!
    I just love the top! and I bet the skrit will look amazing as soon as the petti is done ~
    I can't wait to see you working this cosplay!

  5. Lookin good, girl! Jeg kan allerede forestille mig dig som Panty (faktisk forestiller jeg mig at du bare tager en kæmpe, blond paryk på - og så er du Panty X3)

  6. Jeg glæder mig til at se det :D!

  7. Very niice!
    Og held og lykke med nyt layout 8D

  8. Ohh! Looking good so far! ^^
    Hep hep hep on the rest!