Monthly update!

First of all: Sorry for the lack of updates, I just have not had the energy to make a proper update as I would have liked too, so here you get a huge (for me) update from this past month!

So first, I will show you my newest spare time activity; doing my nails 8D
I prefer my natural nails, the gel tip nail just takes too long time and it does not turn out that good when I do it .____.
So I just use polish and stickers 8D

 Sorry about the bad quality of the pink nails, it was late and I just wanted to get a semi decent shot ^^;


My mother had been in Japan for most of Feburay, and she sent me something along the month to keep me entertained 8D

First time I got a Popteen issue, some candy and these lashes!

I think they look a little short on me though... But I really like the style so maybe I should try to get some longer?

In my second package I got this:

 A Milk T-shirt made for Uniqlo
Nordic knit leg warmers
Two 'special' tops for keeping warm in the winter.
Chocolate marbles!

And when she came home, she brought me more stuff!
And my father also got me some stuff from London, he got home the same day so I got a lot that day!

 From my mother:
A Uniqlo t-shirt with a muffin on it.
A Uniqlo knit dress (that I love to hard)
Two pairs of socks.
A pair of grey stockings with Oxford cube thingies.
A folder with Tale of Genji print on it.
A Cecil McBee magazine.
Three New Approach books (for Uni)
One large Pocky pack.
Some more candy

From my father:
And a little voodoo string thing ^^

My mother also brought a lot of cute candy!
I really like the details on the Wonka chocolate, it was sparkly too! (Click on images to see them a little bigger if you want too)
And the small penguins are SO cute!

She also brougt a bag for herself and I must say; my mother got a great taste in bags!
I am working on leeching it off her >D


And this is the gift me and Sasha made for Nadia's birthday party!
Honestly I LOVE to make gifts look personal and cute with matching cranes and special wrapping paper ^^
And Sasha drew the very cute Link paper child as an extra gift! Inside was a pack of After 8, just a small gift because she actually did not want anything, but I feel so bad not giving at least something you can eat or drink when I visit ^^;


4 kommentarer:

  1. I also Just bought a Wonka-Bar similar to yours in shinjuku :D

    Its funny that you still are able to purchase em :D

    Just a shame that they're far too sweet to eat xD


  2. Wonkaaa... Nom.
    I totally miss Japan now Dx

  3. fuck nogle nice forældre main!

  4. I love the nails you've been doing - very simple and yet very cute Ü

    And all those presents are awesome :D Lucky girl! It's always nice getting new stuff ♥

    Btw that gift is SO cute, thoughtful and personal ;_; Lucky Nadia~