New look(s), new life?!

Shirt: 2nd Hand - Leggings: RomWe.com

It's been QUITE a while.. Oh well, getting back to blogging again! 

Shirt: Superherostuff.com - Skirt: Offbrand 

(Just starting out with some face spam haha)
Not much went down in my life besides going to class and looking for a place to live with my best bro Louise!

But at some point, as ALWAYS I got bored with my hair. So Kami helped me change it up and look good!

 After the first cut (first row woop woop)

But ofc I felt it was too 'normal' for my taste, so the big bleach battle begun, and I ended up with this:

Shirt: H&M - Shorts: SpRay
Next time I have to get dye, I might get a deeper blue just to switch it up a little!

I also had to finish off my 3rd year Japanese classes and ofc I had to dress up for the occasion! I managed to pass history and language with top grade! Woop woop! On to humanistic industry theory next semester.... dun wanna :C

Right after my last exam, I had to run to the airport and take a plane to Oslo! and ofc that means a stop at StarBucks nomz! They had happy hour, so I got a medium frappé and then they gave me a small one. So good ~___~

Had a super amazing time at DesuCon 8! Awesome people in awesome costumes. And Norway is just fun to be in.

Getting back from DesuCon I had a few resting days before going to Italy with my family! (not gonna share pictures from that, family photos and all)
So much food... so good mmh~ and to go to the beach at the Amalfi Coast, we had to go down 791 steps. My butt was SO firm after a week I tell you.

Getting home from Italy, I had to move into a new apartment with Louise! I am so happy I moved in with her, and finally I am almost settled (so soon I shall post a room tour!)
We live really close to the beach so when the sun is out you know where to find us!

Shirt: Primark - Skirt: Spinns 

 Shirt: Only - Shorts: SpRay

 Dress: H&M

This weekend me and Louise hosted a housewarming, and ofc I had to dress up for that as well! The dress is +4 years old. And it still fits like a glove... darn.

 I am not doing that much as of late, just hanging around at home making cosplay, playing games and applying for jobs! Kinda looking forward to school starts again haha!

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  1. wonderful post :D i like your hair and your clothes
    *___* you are so luckt to have a girl that can cut your hair ** i cant wait for orher posts !!!!!!! **

    see ya :D

  2. Happy to see everything is going well ^^