Japanese New Years Tradition: Mochitsuki!

Last weekend, Zach, Matt G, Cheris and I went to an Chuo alumni hosted event at a S.O.S Child Village in Takao. At first we thought we had to work a little and play with the children, but it turned out to be a Mochitsuki event!

What is Mochitsuki?
It is a traditional Japanese festival held at the end of the year, where Mochi is made. Mochi is a form of rice paste, starting out as rice, then being beaten with a big hammer and molded into the desired shape.We got it raw, but you can also grill it with good results!

This is the SOS Child Village, the surroundings are just amazingly beautiful!

 Cheris, Zach and Matt!

Some of the food stalls. It was a free for all event so you could just eat as much as you could handle!

Mochi being made!

The Yakitori (grilled chicken) stand! The sauce they used was SOOO good!

And food haul? lol
Mochi types: Seaweed mochi, mushroom sauce mochi, sweet powder (cannot remember what) mochi, daikon mochi and nato mochi. I am a sucker for seaweed so  my favorite is of cause that one haha.
They also had wieners on sticks and french fries!

All in all it was a good day! Even though we did not get to talk with the children, but oh well, they food was nice, and you could see they were happy to have us there!

Take care!

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  1. lol det kan man også lave i Cooking Mama 2

  2. Ah ma gawd, it all looks so delicious!
    /Oh yeah, beat up dat mochi/

  3. ohh the food looks delicious~! seaweed mochi <3

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