Shoes, Saitama and NOMZ!

Wo let's try and catch up to what I have been doing right!?

At the start of November, I met up with Hopy and Sabine in Ikebukuro, to have some fandom feels and do some shopping!

Wearing my already beloved BatGirl shirt!

And I finally got me some wedge heeled creepers! I love them so hard, and I had been dreaming of them ever since I saw them in Jelly last October! Finally I found some in my size and price range!
And the studded heels were on sale, and I needed me some party shoes sooooooo.

Random pic of one of my priced down Seiyu desserts. These are SO tasty, I love it! Chocolate mousse, chocolate cake and some chocolate jelly, I am in chocolate heaven!!

  Two weeks ago (already, it feels like it was yesterday!) I went to my fathers place to just have some fun!
It was HELL to get there! My trains were late, I hit my self on a 'holding on' thingy in the first train RIGHT IN MY FACE, and most of my trains were really stupid and not driving at all :C I missed one train by 5 seconds, enjoy 40 minutes more of transportation. Oh god!

But when I made it,  I got to feast on this baby! Oh effing hell yea! It was so incredible good, I am so sad it filled me so much, so I could not eat that much of it ;A;

Goofying around with Noa-chan~ She looks like Rola! Idoru desu~

Next morning, my stepmother made me some hot chocolate for breakfast! Nom nom nom!

After breakfast we drove up in the mountains near by to eat our lunch at the top!

Cold noodles and hot tea, with an AMAZING view, just my thing.

On our way home we stopped by another mountain to just walk a little. It was so beautiful from the top!

Saturday night we ate (pr. tradition) yakuniku! It is basically just grilled meat like pork or beef. It was as always really tasty and I ate SOOO much!

And my stepmother kept on ordering me Calpis Sour! It is a mix of alcohol and Calpis, and it is really good, so I might have gotten a little drunk. With my dad. Yeah. Party on!

And now we have reached (almost, but for now) the end!
I just want to show you my look for going to Akihabara with Hopy and Sabine last Saturday! It felt good wearing my circle lenses again, oh how I missed them!

Take care of yourself, Christmas is so close so have fun ok? <3 p="p">

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  1. OMG YOU LOOK SO DARN CUTE! >:'D I love the do, girl! And food noms nyamnyamnyam!

  2. Looks awesome! And Calpis (Cow-pis, LOLOL) ftw! Gotta love that jizz 8D <3 and dayum those lenses looks great on you!